Born in Toronto, Ontario Liz Zahara discovered her passion for drawing and painting at a very early age. She chose specialized courses in high school and continued her art studies at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, graduating with a degree in fine art and education.

Over the years she has continued to participate in various workshops with prominent artists to enhance and expand her skills. With exceptional versatility Liz enjoys painting a variety of subject matter including landscapes, still life, automobiles, motorcycles, pet portraits, and commissioned themes. She works mainly in acrylic but also in oil, watercolour, pastel, pencil, encaustics and stained glass. Her strong background in fine art and photography gives her paintings a very realistic appearance. Viewers are struck by her use of rich colours and amazing attention to detail often mistaking them for photographs. Liz enjoys the challenge of intricate work and has never shied away from difficult subject matter. She has won several awards and has sold her work internationally.